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core values

​The core values that unite us are:


We believe that all people were created in the image of God for a relationship with God.


This relationship is broken by human sin, and only through trusting our past, present, and future to Jesus Christ can it be restored.


God uses his word and his people to call sinners to himself. He makes his home in the human heart and begins to transform the person from the inside out, one moment of faith at a time.


Through an abiding life of relationship to him, we begin to discover our true identity and start the lifelong process of shedding layers of shame and harmful coping mechanisms that we have learned as a substitute for his powerful love.

This core value guides our ministry. Primarily, we exist to facilitate and cultivate young peoples' connection to the God who gives them life and identity, and help them to remain in that connection as he uncovers and restores all the beauty of what he intended them to be when he spoke their lives into existence.


We believe that the Holy Bible is the word of God.

It is more than a book. It has the power to raise the dead spirit to life and lead hurt and broken people into a relationship with the God of life.

The Bible holds authority, because it is the word of God. It tells us what is true, and what happens to life when the word of God is ignored or suppressed. 

This core value guides our ministry. We allow the Bible to inform our understanding of what will and won't lead to good life, and we allow it to guide us back into paths of life. We teach the Bible to those who are hungry to know God more and more deeply. We teach them to read it, to obey it, and to rely on it to show them the way to abundant life.


We believe that God is the source of all life. Nothing that lives, breathes, grows, or produces life exists apart from the eternal life of God.

We believe that life was intended by God to be fundamentally good. Life is the opposite of death. All suffering, sadness, sickness, and strife are the manifestations of death at work in a world that has been broken by human sin. But God is redeeming life. 

We believe that human gender - the physical design of human beings as male and female - is a revelation of the God who creates and celebrates life. Human sexuality - the way we use our gendered bodies to relate to one another - is meant to be life-giving, spiritually and physically. We believe the Bible teaches that sexual expression was designed to be enjoyed in the safety of marriage between a man and a woman. 

This core value guides our ministry. Sexual sin (any use of human sexuality that does not honor the purposes of God for life) is ultimately harmful to the individual, to family, and to society. We work in cooperation with young people who are seeking life after the harmful and unwanted spiritual, relational effects of sexual abuse, rejection, self-hatred, sexual addiction, sexual experimentation, and the confusion of identity that results from sexual trauma.


We believe that God did not send his Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to condemn the world but to save the world. He so loved the world that he personally laid down his life in order to make a way to renew his relationship with people, because God loves people. 

God made us so he could love us.

God's love works on our behalf to make a way for healing, transformation, and abundant life. We believe that all goodness, joy, and freedom spring from the endless source of God's love and if we want to experience abundant life, we need to be renewed in his love on a daily basis. 

This core value guides our ministry. Although we affirm the realities of sin, evil, and the kingdom of darkness, our battle is not against people. God's solution to the problem of evil is a self-sacrificing, patient, gracious love. Now is the time of his favor, and we are ambassadors of this love, having received it for ourselves. All of us are in constant need of his love.


At The Space, our hope is simply to invite others to the same source of love that we ourselves are learning daily to live by. The love of God is more powerful than any force of evil the world has ever known.

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