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“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it."


Why this house is worth more than the money it costs.

it's in an ideal location for ministry to Gen Z
  • directly across from College of the Sequoias

  • five minute walk from Redwood High 

  • five minute walk from Royal Oaks Elementary

  • on Tulare Ave - lots of traffic, easy to find

  • commercially zoned

  • backs up to very supportive church

as an older building, it awakens the heart to family and home
  • built in 1938 but in excellent condition

  • feels like "grandma's house" - so comforting

  • awakens imagination and curiosity

  • speaks of character and identity, uniqueness

this house is being sold at a fair market price
  • we have run the comps through several realtors and they all confirm, this house is worth the asking price

  • Then why is it still on the market after six months? Because it's old, quirky, commercially zoned, and located right on a very busy street - all PERFECT for what we want to do!

  • This house was meant to become The Space Life House! 

the floor plan could not be more useful for what we're doing
  • three living rooms for large group meetings

  • three bedrooms for small groups, 1-on-1

  • two kitchens (!!)

  • two bathrooms

  • on a 1/3 acre lot, great for kid activities

  • 2138 sq. ft. house

there have been many prayerful confirmations about this house
  • specific dreams have been given to different people that point to this house

  • believers from a variety of churches in town have had vision for a ministry house in the COS neighborhood

  • many moments of prayer in and around the house have confirmed "don't stop asking for THIS house"

Please consider how you can help us to secure this amazing property for the work God is preparing to do in Visalia.

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