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the lifehouse

Playing Soccer

We believe that healthy identity is formed in the context of the life-systems God has made: 

  • creation

  • community

  • and a truth-based spirit/body connection


Life House is a ministry rooted in these systems to play, work, talk, make friends, and learn skills that will help you grow into a person of joy. It exists to create a spiritual home and family environment for you to begin and continue forming a sustainable connection with God and his people, making space for God to meet you in the specific ways you long for.

Life House hosts events and consists of programs that focus on building connection, fostering joy, and creating safe space for all to come and be loved well.

We believe that joy is relational and is the most powerful way to access identity, connection, and transformation. The goal of Life House is to give you a place to connect with all the ways God wants to give you life.

In order to fully achieve the dream we have for a Life House, we need to keep growing in resources and support! Ultimately, we'd like to have a location where we can throw open the doors to the youth and young adults in our community to facilitate connection and conversation in a natural, healthy, joyful environment!

Currently we operate in faith that these resources will be provided by hosting occasional events for youth and being available to talk about identity with anyone who wants it! Young adults can get involved in our Vision School while we build towards the goal of having a space to open for a wider variety of events and services!

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