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what is The Space


The Space is a faith-based ministry supported by a variety of Christian churches and individuals in the Central Valley and beyond. 


We want you to have a place where you feel safe and comfortable to process the input you’re receiving from the culture around identity, sexuality, and spirituality. ​


Our hope is that:

  1. You feel free to take your time in discovering your God-given identity. You don’t have to be rushed into making life-changing decisions. We’re here to walk with you through the normal processes of growth and discovery that lead to a healthy adult life, spiritually and sexually.

  2. With the gift of time, attention, and exposure to the world God has created, you will move towards a relationship with God that can become the fulfillment of the secure love and good life you may be craving. 

We create and guard room for God to heal and transform wounded and broken people from the inside out, and we do so by spending time together and paying attention to the movements of God in one another’s lives at our Life House and Vision School.

We’re driven by the belief that through the finished work of Jesus Christ on behalf of sinners, God enters the human heart in love, washes it clean of guilt and shame, fills it with His presence, and tends to it daily as His most precious place on earth (1 Peter 3:4).


This is a place to know God and discover you.

what we do

how does it work?

The Space has two branches: Life House and the Vision School. 

If you’re in Jr. High, High School, or a Young Adult, Life House is a dream we are cultivating locally that is still in process of development. Our vision for Life House is to focus on what you may need to help you reconnect to your community and the world around you. Life House will host events and consist of programs that focus on building connection, fostering joy, and creating safe space for all to come and be loved well.


If you’re a Young Adult, the Vision School is a program we are currently building for you. This program focuses on equipping you with truth about your identity in order to empower you with clarity, confidence, and support as you step into adulthood.

our mission


helping you cultivate your identity through a relationship with God


equipping you with good news about the value of being male or female in God's image


empowering you with delight, honor, and freedom as you move through the world in spiritual and sexual healing and wholeness

We’re a local ministry sponsored by Brineknit, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Visalia, California that seeks to empower and educate Gen Z in their identity and calling.

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