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vision school


Does it feel paralyzing to make decisions, manage time, know what you’re good at, or take risks to build your future? 


Do you struggle to have hope and vision for life? Do you feel stuck on what to do about it?


Vision School invests in Gen Z young adults to: 

  • awaken vision for your present and your future

  • support the work of growth necessary to fulfill that vision 


We do so by providing teaching, conversation, support, and training to help you succeed in 

  1. a sustainable walk with God

  2. real life relationships

  3. and a healthy connection to the world around you

If you question

  • your identity

  • what the Bible says about who you are and who God is

  • if the Bible has anything good to say about gender and sexuality

  • if there’s hope for you in dating and relationships

  • if there’s anyone out there who wants to support you and offer you joy and hope

  • what it means to be whole

  • how to dream and have vision for the future


We want you to know that we’ve been there, and we’re here to help you carry these questions in an environment where you feel safe to explore what God has to say.


Hope and joy are not far off. At Vision School, we want to come alongside you and help you grow in clarity and confidence for the life you were made to live.

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