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what we do

We help young people discover and cultivate identity through a heart relationship with God, and experience sexual and spiritual healing and health as a result.

There are a few basic kinds of work you'll always find us doing...

connecting the heart to God

Only God can satisfy the heart's need for love and the universal desire for connection.

making time for relationships

A person's story matters and we want to hear it because who they are is found in its pages.

teaching what the Bible says

God's word unveils the value of a person's gender and nature of human sexuality.

cultivating leadership

In every child's future there are people who count on them being spiritually healthy.


Only God can satisfy your heart's need for love and your desire for connection.

We help you find this connection through...

  • prayer ministry where God can give you what you need

  • classes that teach you how to read your Bible and pray

  • daily habits that will make space for you to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit

  • mentors who can help you navigate your growing relationship with God 

God's word unveils the great value of your gender and the meaning of your sexuality.

We teach this value through...

  • Bible classes that teach the value of human sexuality

  • helping you see the value of your own identity and why God made you the way he did

  • walking you through healing where you have experienced heartache around sex or gender 

  • cultivating a community that honors gender and is committed together to living in sexual purity

Your story matters and we want to hear it because who you are is found in its pages.

We prioritize the place and power of story by...

  • making time to hear your story as many times as you need to tell it

  • helping find the path to healing through your story

  • enjoying stories together and learning how stories work to form character

  • teaching you how to read the Bible as a unified story

In your future there are people who count on you being spiritually strong and healthy.

We honor and value your future as a leader by...

  • getting to know you for real and taking an interest in what matters to you

  • finding mentors who share your interests and can inspire you to pursue them

  • helping you learn to fuel your life-work from a heart reliance on God

  • cultivating life skills that will build discipline and fortitude

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